Why you should invest in termite inspection before purchasing a property

Why you should invest in termite inspection before purchasing a property

If you are considering purchasing a property in the Ballarat region, it is important to invest in termite inspection by a qualified building inspection service provider. Though there may be no termite damage in sight, there may be colonies hidden within your property. Termites have a tendency of avoiding bright light and open-air, therefore, they build their colonies inside wood materials or underground. A qualified termite inspector will be able to identify these areas.

How to recognise termites

Termites have a general creamy-white appearance and are comparable to a grain of rice in terms of shape, colour and size. There are three castes found in a colony. Soldiers, workers and reproductive termites. Reproductive termites can be recognized from their pair of wings while soldiers have large heads with crushing mandibles.

Termite infestations could be fatal. They could cause thousands of dollars worth of damages because they not only feed on wood but also insulation, books, paper and filtration systems. You can recognize termite infestation in a property by identifying earthen mud tubes. Termites construct these tubes for navigation from their colonies to a structure. Termite damaged wood could also be a good sign of infestation.

How to treat termites

Chemical treatment is the most common treatment type for termites. A suitable termiticide is selected and used to create a barrier between a termite colony and the timber part of a building. In-ground baiting systems have also become popular. It involves placing bait stations made of wood in strategic locations around the building. It discourages termites from attacking the actual building.

A thorough termite inspection should be conducted in all areas of the building that can be accessed. This includes the exterior and interior of the building. Sub-floor areas and roof cavities should get checked as well. On average, this could take about 60 minutes depending on the condition of the property. After the inspection has been performed, a findings report should be issued to you by the service provider. This report outlines the termite risks that could occur in your building, if any, and recommendations.

House Inspection Ballarat Region uses Pest Control  Inspectors who comply with Australian Standard 4349.3 and use  Modern Electronic Technology for all their  inspections. All possible threats are identified, ensuring that your property is secure before you purchase it.

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