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Pre Purchase Building Inspections
Carrying out a pre-purchase building inspection on an established property before you buy it can save you time, money and stress down the track.
Pest & Termite Building Inspections
A pest and termite inspection can reveal evidence of existing infestations as well as warning sign of future infestations developing.
Combined Building & Pest Building Inspections
A combined building and pest inspection is the most rigorous and effective way to ensure a property is structurally sound and pest-free.
Pre Auctions Building Inspections
A pre-auction building inspection will give you all the information you need about a property before you place your bid on it.
Pre Sales Building Inspection for Sellers
A pre-sales building inspection cn help you to sell your property faster and more smoothly than any real estate trick just by providing a copy of this.
Rental Property Maintenance Evaluation for Landlord
House Inspections Ballarat offer a Rental Property Maintenance Report on the maintenance or repairs needed for long term landlords.

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