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Want to know the overall condition of the property you are planning to buy?

At House Inspections Ballarat Region, I specialize in offering expert Building Inspections to the complete satisfaction of my clients, making them aware of the potential problems existing in the structure of the buildings at the Property they intend on buying.

My house inspection service is designed to cover every aspect of the property and makes you aware of the limitations that may exist. I understand that buying a property is an important financial decision and with my service, you can move ahead with confidence. Get in touch with John and make an informed decision which may save you Thousands of dollars in repairs.

Experienced and Qualified House Inspector

What sets my service apart is my commitment to excellence. As a registered builder, member of HIA,and over 35 years Experience I have complete knowledge about every aspect of the pre purchase building inspection and look into the smallest of defects to provide information that gives you an idea about the condition of the property.
I will thoroughly assess your future home. By giving you a complete idea of the issues and functionality of the components of your home, I can help you make a wise decision to either purchase the property for a cheaper price if defects are found or as some of my clients have done back out of the purchase and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Complete Range of House Inspection Services in Creswick

Whether you are looking for a building inspection, termite inspection or both, I have your needs covered. As trained professionals we will examine all the property in detail to determine its actual condition. My evaluation will also help you get an idea about the value of the property and negotiate with the Vendor accordingly. I provide detailed full-coloured reports and specialize in floor levelling problems( I take Computer floor levels and list defects in report) which are included in the report with narratives. When you get my service, you can have the peace of mind that the Pre purchase House inspection will be carried out with meticulous attention to detail from a registered builder who has over 35 years of knowledge and experience.

Planning to Buy a Property in Creswick?

Call John to be sure that you are making the best financial decision. Call me today 0490696502.

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