Building Inspections in Newington

Get comprehensive services for building inspections in Newington from House Inspections Ballarat Region. We cover all aspects of the property to help you figure out any issues associated with a building. We aim to help you make an informed decision with the help of detailed reports prepared as a part of my inspection. 

With House
Inspections Ballarat Region’s building inspections in Newington, potential buyers get to know about the condition of a property and the repairs it might require. With an eye for detail and an experience of nearly four decades, we offer reliable and on-time inspection services in Newington.  

Building Inspection Ballarat Service Area- Newington

With unrivalled knowledge of building inspections in Newington, we are capable of uncovering all big and small structural defects. We believe that our client’s safety is most important and let you know of every little issue associated with a property. Get the necessary assurance and confidence before buying a building with our services.

House Inspections Ballarat Region provides you with detailed reports the same day of the inspection. The reports are highly accurate and the entire process is completely hassle-free. By spotting defects property owners might miss out on, we help you save time and money in the long run.

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Areas Covered Under Building Inspections in Newington

With House Inspections Ballarat Region’s building inspections in Newington, you get expert assistance from a highly qualified and experienced individual. We guarantee you complete satisfaction throughout the inspection process.

The area covered as part of the building inspections in Newington are:
1.All rooms of the building.
2.Roof and Subfloor.
3.Windows and doors.
4.Vulnerable areas.
5.Internal and exterior structure.
6.Bathrooms and kitchen.
7.Electric connections.
8.Gas meter.
9.Telephone lines.
10.Water connections.
12.Corridors, hallways and stairways.

Our comprehensive process of building inspections in Newington meets all regulatory standards to improve the quality and safety of your building. Get a detailed report by contacting us today.

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With an experience of over 39 years, we assure you of the most reliable and trustworthy building inspections in Newington. We use state-of-the-art equipment such as a Fluid Digital Floor Levelling Computer (to study the levelling deviation).

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