Pre-purchase & building pest inspections in Castlemaine.

Castlemaine continues to be a great place for people seeking a regional change. And with many older homes in the area, you can often pick up a great deal in comparison to the current housing market.

However, before you buy it’s crucial that you have a building inspection conducted by your Castlemaine pre-purchase building inspection experts.

Although building inspections are a must for older properties, they are also important when buying a newer property. This is because it’s often difficult for defects to be spotted by the untrained eye. Even if everything looks fine, it still could be worth enlisting the assistance of an expert to conduct a thorough inspection

After all, whether it’s new or old, a home is often one of—if not the biggest investments that someone will make in their life. At House Inspections Ballarat Region we can have a house inspection conducted and complete with results emailed to you within 72 hours of enquiry. And all for a great price. When you compare this to potential years of ongoing problems and thousands of dollars in costs, the choice is simple.

Or perhaps you’re already in a home and have noticed signs of termites? There’s no need to panic, start ripping the walls apart or put the house up for sale, as we also conduct comprehensive house termite inspections in Castlemaine. We check everything from internal and external sections of the building, including under floor space and roof cavities. We can provide you with information regarding the extent of the damage and provide you with advice on how to go about getting these repaired.

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