What should you do if your building inspection uncovers termites?

It’s the stuff of nightmares, you’ve found the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation in your home. With the cost of termite damage to Australian houses exceeding that of damage from floods, storms and fires put together, you may be fretting about what to do next! The good news is that from house inspections to repair work, measures can be taken to limit any further structural threat to your home from termites.

Take a look at our advice for immediate and long-term action when it comes to ridding your home of termites.

Do not disturb

Upon discovering the termites, it can be tempting to whip out the bug spray, but the best thing you can do is to just leave them alone. Spraying a pesticide can sometimes worsen the problem of termites, as it often causes them to retreat to another spot in your home, making it difficult to identify the network of tunnels throughout the structure of your house that lead to their nest. Remember, termites work slowly. Chances are that they have been in your home for a while and waiting for a couple of days for an expert to handle the problem won’t result in any more major damage.

Call in the experts

Bringing an expert in to conduct a thorough termite inspection will make you aware of the full extent of the infestation and the damage it has caused. Once you know what you’re up against, a qualified technician can be hired to resolve the issue. Many technicians have completed specialist training in pest control and possess a wealth of experience in treating homes with termites. They will use professional products designed to target the live termites and exterminate the whole colony, no matter how far it spreads.

Invest in on-going future house inspections

When it comes to pest control, prevention is always better than cure. At House Inspections Ballarat Region we understand the importance of long-term monitoring and maintenance to reduce the risk of damage by termites. Following treatment, it is advisable to add a perimeter barrier around your home and arrange for a termite inspection every year to reduce the risk of the termites returning and preserve the structural integrity of your home.

If you’re in the Ballarat area and are looking to arrange a home inspection, get in touch with our friendly team at House Inspections Ballarat Region to learn more about our range of services.

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