Building inspection? It’s best to go local AND combined

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll be pretty savvy when it comes to building inspections. However, you still may not be sold on exactly which type of inspection to choose and even whether we’re the right people for the job. Let’s explore why the two words you need to keep in your mind […]

How to negotiate a lower price when buying a property

How to negotiate a lower price when buying a property If you are a first-time buyer, making an offer on a property can be overwhelming. Some real estate agents and property owners actively try to take advantage of the inexperience of first-time buyers and try to raise the price of a property to an unfair […]

Why you should invest in termite inspection before purchasing a property

If you are considering purchasing a property in the Ballarat region, it is important to invest in termite inspection by a qualified building inspection service provider. Though there may be no termite damage in sight, there may be colonies hidden within your property. Termites have a tendency of avoiding bright light and open-air, therefore, they […]

What should you do if your building inspection uncovers termites?

It’s the stuff of nightmares, you’ve found the tell-tale signs of a termite infestation in your home. With the cost of termite damage to Australian houses exceeding that of damage from floods, storms and fires put together, you may be fretting about what to do next! The good news is that from house inspections to […]

4 Mistakes First Home Buyers Make

The more property experience you possess, the less likely you are to make real estate mistakes. However, most home buyers walk away from the buying experience with regret on some level, either financially or emotionally, from their choices. Buyer’s remorse is an all too familiar feeling, and in this article, we share with you the […]

Buying a new property? Don’t be tempted to skip a pre-purchase building inspection

If you’re a property buyer looking to invest in a new building, you may be tempted to skip a pre-purchase building inspection. In some ways, you would be forgiven. After all, it is reasonable to assume that builders who work on new properties make sure to follow the requisite Australian building regulations and leave no […]

Five Things A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Identifies

The majority of properties on the market present with deceptive problems; however, most home buyers can’t easily identify them. Whether it be to uncover termite infestations or deep structural issues, pre-purchase house inspections are necessary to understand the actual integrity of the home. In this article, we discuss the major defects you will discover from […]

Do I need a Pre-purchase Building Inspection?

A pre-purchase building inspection, as the name suggests, is an inspection that takes place prior to a property being purchased so the prospective owner has a thorough understanding of the building and all its potential defects. To avoid costly surprises after purchasing a building, it is vital the pre-purchase inspection is completed by an experienced […]

Why a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Is a Must in 2019

When we find a property to purchase we tend to shop emotionally, particularly if it’s our potential family home. We have our rose-coloured glasses on and may not be aware of all the potential risks in purchasing the property. It’s a large investment and most of us have lived frugally to save the deposit so […]

Pre-purchase & Building Pest Inspections in Maryborough Victoria.

Maryborough has multiple opportunities for people looking to purchase a home. Many people know that when purchasing a home it’s important to have multiple viewings and discussions to make sure the home is right for you. However, many people overlook the very simple option of having an expert conduct a Pre-Purchase House Inspection. Our Maryborough […]
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