Building inspection? It’s best to go local AND combined

If you’ve been following our blog recently, you’ll be pretty savvy when it comes to building inspections. However, you still may not be sold on exactly which type of inspection to choose and even whether we’re the right people for the job. Let’s explore why the two words you need to keep in your mind are ‘local’ and ‘combined’.


Why is ‘local’ important?


When selecting a company to conduct a building inspection, it’s essential that they have a vast knowledge of the local area. You might think that it doesn’t matter about the houses down the other end of your street – after all, it’s your property that’s being looked at, right? Well, yes – but also, those houses might be more important than you think.


With a professional home inspection company who have a vast knowledge of the local area, they’ll be well-versed with the streets you know too. This means that that, for example, if they’ve previously conducted an inspection at the other end of the road you live on, they could have more insight into your property if it was built around the same time and/or by the same people. Plus, they’ll already be aware of the type of ground your house has been constructed on, so their insight into your foundation strength will be second-to-none, compared to a house inspector that has never been to your neck of the woods before.


Why is ‘combined’ important?


It’s your money, so you want to ensure you enlist as comprehensive a service as possible to get a property inspection done. By ‘combined’, we mean that we offer a combined building AND pest inspection. We’d always recommend getting both prior to making any changes to your living situation, as there could be pests such as those dreaded termites eating away at your timber where you least expect it. By getting a pest inspection combined with a building inspection, you can rest easy knowing your property is pest-free and ready to be made the most of.

IE House Inspections Ballarat Region always use A Fully Licensed Pest Inspector who is qualified in Treating any Pests found and giving a exact Price on the Eradication/Prevention or Control of the Pests Found. They always have up to date electronic equipment and can give a plan of attack straight away if anything is found. The Purchaser DOES NOT have to wait for a Second Opinion due to the Pre purchase Building Inspector Himself only being able to classify Pest Damage not offer Treatment due to them not being Licensed Pest Controllers.


Don’t delay: you know what the answer is. Go local AND combined – Contact the House Inspections Ballarat Region today. We’d love to hear from you!

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