Buying a new property? Don’t be tempted to skip a pre-purchase building inspection

If you’re a property buyer looking to invest in a new building, you may be tempted to skip a pre-purchase building inspection. In some ways, you would be forgiven. After all, it is reasonable to assume that builders who work on new properties make sure to follow the requisite Australian building regulations and leave no stone unturned to leave their buildings looking perfect.

Unfortunately, however, even new buildings can come with hidden structural issues, and purchasing a property without enlisting an inspector beforehand can be a risky business. Remember that Australian consumer law only protects property investments of up to $40,000. If there are any serious flaws in your new property, therefore, you could end up losing thousands of dollars.

What’s more, many buyers forget the fact that one seemingly simple structural flaw can cause a raft of subsequent issues that could end up affecting their budget and preventing them from utilising the building. The domino effect is very real and the only way of preventing it is by hiring a building inspection company that promises to conduct a thorough and professional job.

What sort of tests are involved in a pre-purchase building inspection?

A building inspection will involve checking that internal elements in every room of the property are structurally sound. This includes doors, windows, carpets, tiling, staircases, and much more. There will also be an external inspection that looks at elements such as garage roller doors, windows, walls, and lintels. Your roof cavities, underfloor space and other site areas such as paths and fences will also be inspected.

For new-builds, the inspection is likely to be fairly quick and easy. Whilst it is never safe to assume that a building will be free of faults, new-builds should have relatively few flaws. Once the inspection is over and any defects are addressed, you can rest assured that your property is safe to inhabit for the foreseeable future.

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