Five Things A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Identifies

The majority of properties on the market present with deceptive problems; however, most home buyers can’t easily identify them. Whether it be to uncover termite infestations or deep structural issues, pre-purchase house inspections are necessary to understand the actual integrity of the home. In this article, we discuss the major defects you will discover from your pre-purchase house inspection, the areas of your potential new home that are essential to understand more about, and the extents that most inspections will cover.

Condition of the fittings

One of the hardest areas of the home to genuinely assess the condition and longevity of is the fittings and fixtures of the house. These include the painted areas, such as walls and architraves, tiles in the bathrooms and kitchen, and the true condition of the carpeted areas. To the naked eye, these areas may look clean, in good condition, or even like new, however this isn’t always the case, and can be impossible to evaluate without professional inspections.

Condition of the structures

What you will learn from your pre-purchase building inspection is the integrity of the fundamental components of the house, from the loading bearing internal walls to the structural support beams of your roof and outdoor constructions. If any of these essential components need replacing, this inspection will easily expose this, and allow you to quote minor renovations or the overhauling of large spaces accurately.

The spaces you can’t see

It’s easy to become captivated by the areas of the home you can see, and renovations that have addressed the immediate, apparent concerns; however, the unseen spaces can be just as problematic. Your pre-purchase building inspection will assess areas of the home that aren’t easy, or cleanly, accessible, like the roof space and the under floors, and will uncover any issues lurking in every concealed area.

The spaces out of reach

Just like the spaces underneath the house, most homebuyers don’t look above eye height at the condition of the home. These areas include the highest rooftop spaces, such as tile work or chimney, and posts or structures that are above the roofline. Structural issues high up can be extremely challenging, as they usually impact the areas below them, and it’s essential to understand the flow-on effects caused by these tall spaces.

The outside features

Most people aren’t aware pre-purchase building inspections also examine the exteriors of the home, including the pathways, fences, driveways, drainage and sheds. While some buyers aren’t always concerned by the exterior as much, renovating large exterior spaces can be extremely costly, especially due to reasons of increased need rather than by choice.

Do you need an area specifically inspected, or are you concerned about a particular area of the home you’re looking to buy? At House Inspection Ballarat Region, we can efficiently work with your pre-purchase concerns, and create a profile of your potential new home today!

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