Do I need a Pre-purchase Building Inspection?

A pre-purchase building inspection, as the name suggests, is an inspection that takes place prior to a property being purchased so the prospective owner has a thorough understanding of the building and all its potential defects. To avoid costly surprises after purchasing a building, it is vital the pre-purchase inspection is completed by an experienced inspector so the potential owner has accurate information regarding the building.

What will be assessed during the inspection process?

A thorough inspection should assess the entire building, including its surrounding grounds e.g. fences and outbuildings, but some of the main building elements that will be assessed include:

• Roofing – both the exterior roofing and internal roofing structure need to be inspected for problems. The quality of the roof insulation and ventilation can have a major impact on the warmth and safety of a home and need to be carefully considered.
• Internal and external building structure – from living areas and walls to current structural issues (major and minor), all areas of a building must be inspected to ensure there are no current issues or potential for future costly issues.
• Floor level – We record major falls in floor levels. Floor levelling can be a great indicator of how much structural fault there is with a building.
• Moisture levels – moisture can be detected in a building using a Tramex Moisture Meter, this is important as too much moisture in certain places can indicate damp or mould, which is not only costly to fix but also has many health hazards. It can also lead to rotten timber, compromising its structural integrity.

How is a pre-purchase building inspection beneficial?

A professional inspection should identify any defects, explain the potential hazards if the defect is not fixed, recommend a suitable tradesperson, and provide an estimate of how much it will cost to fix the problem. This is beneficial as it allows buyers to negotiate a lower price for the property if expensive defects are found. A pre-purchase inspection may also prevent buyers from going through with a housing deal if numerous problems are uncovered, saving them from making a poor purchase.

Interested in a pre-purchase building inspection?

If you are considering purchasing a property, a pre-purchase inspection is essential, but must be completed by an expert who can provide you with the relevant documentation to support their findings. House Inspections Ballarat Region is an expert inspection company with in-depth knowledge about structural building defects and safety issues. For more information about building inspections Ballarat and central Victoria residents can count on, please contact us today.


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